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Statistically improved exam performance  (p<0.001)     
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    LEARN Board Basics℠ how the boards really work.   UPDATE: Added: Intensive Work Group.    FREE!  CHECKLIST of vital exam skills!

Surgery Qualifying, MOC (Written) and Certifying (Oral) Board Preparation

Optimized Preparation, Maximized Performance

The Skills You Need
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The Instructor with 21 Years of Experience
Statistically Significant Improvement in Pass Rates

 Discover easier, faster, better ways to maximize your retention and understanding of content, and simultaneously build the skills to answer exam questions more effectively for your general and/or surgical subspecialty written exam.
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     "What do the examiners want to hear?" With Odyssey, you'll know. Learn all the skills you need to deliver your best performance in the high stakes environment of the oral exam, and do so comfortably, confidently and capably.

Learn More Oral Exam Prep
     Finally ... discover the essentials of how the board exams really work. Understand the techniques you need to prepare well, and the skills you need to perform your best. Updated monthly, this page includes videos and posts based on Dr. Argy's two decades of experience in teaching powerful process thinking and effective communication.

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Second edition in progress. Expected completion February 2017.

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